This is a follow up to a blog post I published on the topic of celery juice and how a 30-day celery juice challenge turned into a bit of a skin crisis. If you’d like to read the post and see the before and after pictures of my skin, as well as what my skin looked like in full-blown crisis mode, click here.

JTG #28 My 30-Day Medical Medium Celery Juice Challenge 

I’ve had so many questions on Instagram about my 30-Day Medical Medium Celery Juice Challenge that I wanted to share all of the details (the good, the bad and the ugly) and answer all of your questions in this podcast episode.

In this episode, I talk about my 30-Day Medical Medium Celery Juice Challenge, specifically:

  • Why I wanted to do a 30-Day Medical Medium Celery Juice Challenge
  • My goals for this celery juice challenge
  • What my skin looked like before the 30-day celery juice cleanse and after
  • My goals and expectations
  • What exactly is a cleanse
  • Which foods I remove during a cleanse
  • Why I wanted to include celery juice in this cleanse
  • The benefits of celery juice
  • Can celery juice really heal your skin
  • Setting the right expectations
  • What happened during the 30-day celery juice cleanse
  • What I did when my skin went into crisis mode
  • Why I wouldn’t do a 30-day celery juice cleanse again
  • Can celery juice heal rosacea?
  • Does the 30-Day Medical Medium Celery Juice Challenge work to clear skin conditions?

My skin before the celery juice challenge, during & 6 months later

January 1st 2019 (pre-celery juice cleanse)

January 15th 2019 (my skin crisis 5 days into the celery juice cleanse)

June 2019 (rosacea 6 months after the cleanse)

Read the blog post:
My 30-Day Celery Juice Challenge

I wrote a comprehense blog post documenting my entire celery juice challenge.

In this blog post I share:

  1. Why I wanted to do a celery juice experiment⁣
  2. ⁣What I ate during my 30-day cleanse⁣
  3. What I did when my skin started to freak out⁣
  4. How I felt before and after the experiment
  5. The benefits of celery juice
  6. My favourite juicers
  7. Practical tips if you’re considering doing a similar cleanse
  8. Why I stopped drinking celery juice⁣
  9. What I would do differently next time

I also post more photos of my skin before and after the celery juice experiment.

Links & Resources

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2. Read the full blog post about my 30-day celery juice challenge

3. My interview with Muneeza Ahmed on healing acne and rosacea with the Medical Medium protocol

4. Download the free guide My Skin Is In Crisis, Now What?

5. Download the free guide Essential Radiance: My Top 5 Essential Oils For Radiant Skin

6. Read about why I decided to stop driking alcohol



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