JTG #40 Celebrating 1 Year Of Journey To Glow + Healing Rosacea Naturally (Where I’m at on my journey)

JTG #40 Celebrating Journey to Glow’s 1 Year Anniversary + Healing Rosacea Naturally (Where I’m at on my journey)

Stopping to celebrate each milestone (no matter how big or small) is so important. So, in this solo episode, I’m pausing to reflect back on Journey to Glow’s first year. 

In this episode I’m sharing…

The idea and WHY behind Journey to Glow

What keeps me going (because this is a lot of work!)

What I’ve done this year to heal my skin including the 5 big changes I’ve made that had a huge impact on my rosacea

What I stopped doing that saved me time, money AND helped my skin

My answer to “but I’ve tried everything and my skin is not healing!”

How to ensure you make the most progress on your journey to glow

Why shifting your mindset is crucial and the most sustainable thing you can do

What I believe is the missing link in the healing conversation

Upcoming programs we’ll be hosting in 2020

And I’m also celebrating the women and Skin Healing Experts that have had a big impact on my journey to glow.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

[PODCAST] Listen to the episode with Annie Grace where we talk about The Alcohol Experiment

Why I stopped driking alcohol [BLOG POST]

[VIDEO] 5 Big changes I Made That Had A Huge Impact on My Rosacea

Radiantly Clear Rosacea Demodex Skincare System

Experience the healing properties of botanical skincare formulated specifically to tackle Demodex mites in rosacea-prone skin.

Radiantly Clear Demodex Rosacea Skincare System

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